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Androgens 2016 will be held at the Centre for Chemistry and Biomedicine – CCB


How to reach Innsbruck:

Flight: The airport Innsbruck is connected to Frankfurt and Vienna with several flights per day served by the Lufthansa/Austrian Airlines/Swiss group. In addition there are some direct flights from Amsterdam (Transavia, Wed and Sun) and London Gatwick (EasyJet, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat).

The next big airport is Munich. From Munich airport you can get to Innsbruck by train (www.oebb.at or www.DB.de), by airport shuttle (Four Seasons travel) or by bus . It takes around 2.5 to 3 h from Munich airport to Innsbruck.

Train: Innsbruck is a west-east and north-south railway hub with fast train connections to all surounding countries.

From Innsbruck airport to downtown

Bus line F in front of the aiport exit departs to downtown every 15 min, takes around 15 min

Taxi, takes around 10 min



The Biocenter is a Department where Innsbruck Medical University has put together scientists with different experiences, working with different genetic model organisms or biochemical systems but with the common goal to contribute as much as possible to a molecular understanding of diseases. Innsbruck has a unique campus structure where the research institutes of both Universities are centered around the University hospital. This fosters medically relevant research and provides the grounds for developing personalized medicine in Innsbruck. The Bioenter is also the nucleation point and main contributor of such recently established strategies such as the special research project SFB021 “Cell Proliferation and Cell Death in Tumors”, the international graduate program in “Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology” (MCBO) or the “k1” Competence Center for Personalized Medicine, ONCOTYROL. In the last seven years, the Biocenter has become a visible landmark within biomedical research in Austria and was also internationally recognized, as can be seen by the successful participation in and the coordination of several large EU projects (e.g. GROWTHSTOP) as well as nationally funded research consortia (e.g. Austrian Proteomics Platform, non-coding RNA Platform, GEN-AU). The Biocenter is proud off its talented young scientists. Besides many research prizes our scientists received, the Biocenter harbors four winners of the START prize, i.e. Alexandra Lusser, Norbert Polacek, Andreas Villunger and David Teis, which is the most prestigious distinction for young scientists in Austria.  More Information can be found at http://biocenter.i-med.ac.at/